Friday, August 14, 2015

Gum blossom and thread painting

A friend has had an idea to have a 'small art' show. The theme is botanical, floral.
So I have been thinking what I can do that will fit it but not take a huge amount of effort. It is all due fairly soon and I want to have something to contribute.

I have done a thread painting in the past and could try that again. But it was rather small, just a sample for a course I was doing. So I would have to enlarge the image, if only I could remember where I saved it, IF I saved it.
This one was printed onto cotton and then I just thread painted over the top, a bit like colour by number. 

I have been taking photos of some gum blossom in our front yard as well as at the park and at various places while out with the dog.

Today I was outside a house that had a gorgeous flowering gum. I took a few pictures. It was a fairly still day but the flowers are always on the ends of very long branches that WILL move in the breeze!! But I managed a few photos.

So now I have to choose which ones to use. I am going to go down the very simple path - print a picture onto fabric, probably silk as that is what I seem to have packets of, and then thread paint over the top.

I am feeling that it might work with the sort of process I learnt in the Alison Holt workshop. I could paint areas of colour and then thread paint over them. First, I will try the printing the photo method, then I might have a go at the painting the areas of colour method.
I think I will prefer the second as it seems to offer more creative freedom but I need to try both, see what happens.

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