Saturday, August 29, 2015

Making some thread flowers

A friend is organising a 'small art' exhibition with the theme Full Bloom. So I have been working on some images.

The latest idea is to make some thread sewn flowers, as we did at the Meredith Woolnough workshop earlier in the year.

I spent several hours making three flowers.

I sewed them in circular shapes, using free motion embroidery.

Pink is sooo not my colour! But the apricot and nectarine blossoms are coming out in the backyard and I was influenced by them. And I had a whole lot of pink thread, left over from a previous lot of work on gum blossoms.

I have been using wooden frames for my machine embroidery but discovered that the plastic and metal hoop works well too. I wanted to use it because it is smaller and the flowers were only little. And they fit under the foot much more easily.

I dissolved the soluble fabric and laid the flowers out in some aluminium foil to dry. I used the foil to give them an extra support in the shaping of the pieces.

Now all I have to do is think about how I might use them, how I might mount them.

It was another day when I was not feeling great and didn't know what to do - so I sewed. This was not necessarily a great idea, I now have a stiff neck and sore back. But I also have three flowers. So not all bad.

I will work on how to present them, how to include them in a 'small art' way.


theregatha said...

They look so sweet and delicate. Pink can be a challenging colour, but I think it also looks so fresh and sometimes very 'hot'. Shame you are not feeling well, Hopefully some warmer spring weather may help take away the aches and pains

Mary said...

Thanks theregatha, I am actually not feeling too bad, it is spring that causes the problem - all that pollen and those perfumed flowers. Makes me function at below par but it is a first world problem. I am still managing to do things, so not too bad. But thanks for the good wishes. Now I just have to work out what to do with all these PINK flowers.

mycamerandme365 said...

The aluminium foil is a great way to shape the flowers Mary, I haven't come across that idea before. I hope that you're feeling better by now.

Mary said...

Thanks. I got the idea for the aluminium at the Meredith Woolnough workshop earlier this year. It seems to work well although the flowers did take a while to dry as I did them on one of the really cold days we had recently.
I am not ill, I just don't function at my best with all the blossom and blooming flowers, especially the highly scented ones. Ahh, Spring!