Friday, August 7, 2015

Dog walks

After handing in my work I feel a little lazy, not all that creative.
It is also winter and we have had some cold and damp days - not enough to keep us inside all the time … because we have a dog!  Who likes to go out every day.

So I rugged up, wearing my lovely warm scarf that I knitted recently. I haven't knitted in ages so decided to start simple. It is a plain knit done on a circular needle. I found some (rather expensive) possum and merino wool from New Zealand (possums are vermin there and protected here).  It knits up into a wonderfully warm, soft and light scarf.

First, we went to Heide Museum of Modern Art. As we had the dog, we only walked the grounds, which are very interesting in themselves - they grow their own produce for the restaurant and the herb and vegetable gardens are very educational.

I took my camera and recalled the beginnings of this latest course, when we had to look around for lines and dots.  They are everywhere, especially in winter when all the imported trees have lost their leaves.

The first thing I saw, once we got near the old house, was this wonderful old oak tree.
I did meet someone lately who volunteers at the Botanic Gardens and she was telling me that oak trees don't live as long in Australia as in the northern hemisphere, the weather doesn't suit them as well. But this lovely one is still there, not that old, after all, in terms of oak trees.

We wandered a bit further and came across this giant pear tree. I can't imagine that many pears are picked from it.

On another day, we went to a different park nearby. I had dithered around all day and, of course, it started to rain as we arrived. It wasn't very heavy so we persevered (I persevered, Penny doesn't mind the rain at all usually).

Here she is wondering what is so interesting about this tree (lots of dots of course). I didn't mind it as much as usual as the rain meant the pollen and perfume wasn't as bad for me as it often is.

Several days of walking have produced some interesting images. Now all I have to do I use them.

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