Thursday, April 24, 2014

Workshop at Ballarat 2014 - part 4

After preparing the newspaper and other pieces of paper, we painted the Vliesofix (aka Bondaweb) with procion dyes.

The idea was to have at least 5 pieces of paper to tear up.  Yes, to tear up! All that designing and printing and dyeing, only to tear it up.
The idea is to iron some painted Vliesofix onto one of the pieces of paper - this will immediately change the colour of the base paper, depending on how you have dyed the Vliesofix.

Then you tear up one of the pieces of paper and lay it out on the base sheet.  At this stage you can sprinkle glitter, gold flakes, etc. You can also place some heat foil onto the work too.  The shiny bits will attach to the exposed parts of the Vliesofix.
Once you have the pieces ironed on, you tear it up again!
Repeat the process until you have 5 layers - thick enough to sew on.
To seal the work, you can paint it with Golden Gel medium or acrylic wax.  We actually didn't have time to do this final step, we were having too much fun and playing around with ideas and different papers.

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