Saturday, April 26, 2014

Continuing on from the workshop.

I have been away from home for a few days. I took bits and pieces that we used at the Kim Thittichai workshop so I could play a bit more.
Actually, I only went away for four nights and I took a heap of things to do - way too much. I am having thoughts about melding ideas from Kim's workshop and Kay Kahn's one too.  So, not knowing how it might all develop, and not knowing what I might want to try, I have brought quite a lot of things. 

So far all I have done is play around with the preparation of the papers - the printing and dyeing of the papers, the painting of the Vliesofix, and the playing with sparkly bits. I even found some old Angelina Fibres to sprinkle onto one piece. 
I have made some pieces, about four layers on each. 

Now I have to decide what to do with them, how to use them. 
We didn't have time to put the final layer, acrylic wax or some other varnish type stuff, on any of our pieces at Ballarat, so I will have to see what effect that has. I assume that I should do this last, after I have made my vessel, or whatever I am going to make. 

I did try something else too. I worked on the back of one of my pieces of paper. This was partly due to the usual dilemma of liking what I have done with the printing and dyeing and not really wanting to tear it up. So I had the bright idea of doing both sides, so that the interior of whatever I might make will be looking good too. I will only find out if this was a good idea if I ever get around to finishing off the process. 
The first side, destined to be the interior.

This one has some Angelina Fibres shining brightly.
The reverse side. I also played around with the laying out. I had the vague idea that crossing the laid out strips of paper might strengthen it, make it less likely to tear along the lines of the thicker layers of paper. This is because, it seems to me, that the final layer will be quite thick in some areas but will still have only one layer of paper in places, being the background. Admittedly, it will be strengthened with some Vliesofix.  It may also be bonded onto some interfacing too. More to experiment with! We didn't get around to all you can do, even with such a long workshop. 


theregatha said...

this is beautiful, I love the textured surface, and the colours are gorgeous. Would it be durable enough for a small bag or pouch?

Mary said...

Hi again theregatha, I am not sure. I will have to experiment and then wait for a while to see if it lasts. So far all I have done is put some acrylic wax on a small sample to see if I can sew through it, then I will decide how to put the vessel together. Real life kicks in again now, after Easter and the ANZAC weekend, so I will have to find time to work as hard as I did this last week. I will let you know how it goes.