Monday, April 21, 2014

Workshop at Ballarat 2014 - part 2

Continuing the Kim Thittichai workshop report:
The second design exercise we did was simple.
You cut a piece of card (black in this case) to a rectangular shape. Then you cut out pieces and flip them out from the shape, so they will flip back exactly.

I found a few places where I could continue the flipping, not from the rectangle but from the pieces that projected out.

I enjoyed this activity so much that I tried another, using a squarer shape and flipping out from all sides. (Kim called this exercise Flipping Out - very appropriate.)

You have a look at the design, using the L shapes, and choose a part that appeals to you to make a print block. I traced the design onto foam core and onto the funky foam stuff, making sure to colour the negative and positive spaces.  Then you cut the funky foam and attach it to the foam core board.  This is when you realise that it is a VERY GOOD IDEA to mark your positive and negative design  where you are going to stick it - for all the designs you make.  The more complicated the design, the more important it is.
I had actually done something similar with children in Prep and Grade One as part of the maths course.  It is part of the course where you learn flip, slide, turn.

Here is the design I ended up with.
Sorry about the fuzzy picture! 
And here it is printed onto newspaper, using one of the printing blocks only.


theregatha said...

Wow, looks like another successful forum. I love that there is no mention of "repeat" in any of your design work. Your flipped out pieces are gorgeous. Was the foam really called funky foam?

Mary said...

theregatha, I actually looked it up after you asked! Yes, it is called funky foam and we used the adhesive one. Very easy to use. I think Kim said we could get several hundred prints with one too.
Yes, there was mention of 'repeat' but only in passing - thank goodness. It was after we had done all the making of the print block so there was no way we could have done the designing to make a proper repeat block. We were just encouraged to print the block repeatedly over the paper. More maths involved - as in using the terms flip, slide, turn. Back to my Prep days!