Sunday, April 27, 2014

More about the workshops at Ballarat 2014

I realised that I haven't given any indication of the other wonderful workshops that were on at Fibre Arts in Ballarat this year.
We had the usual interesting and entertaining talks by the tutors. There was also a wonderful exhibition at the end of the week. I was so engrossed by my own workshop this year that I didn't get to visit many other classrooms to check out what was going on. You do hear from the participants at the meals and morning and afternoon tea breaks but it is not the same as visiting.
However, the exhibition was a good chance to see some of the work that had been done. But you had to be quick, most people took their work down again by the end of the evening.
I am feeling a bit lazy, so you will have to visit the website to check on the various tutors we had this year.  Here are some photos of the final exhibition. I didn't get pictures of all the exhibits, it was rather crowded and there was a lot of socialising.

Starting with our group, of course.
Shoe making.
One of a couple of dyeing groups.
Personal geographies.

Vessels from Kay Kahn's class. 
Woodwork, machine sewing, looked difficult.
One of a couple of clothes making classes, some of the participants were wearing their products - and looked great.

Small sculptures, each with its own story. 
Quirky knitted tea cosies.

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