Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Experimenting with the two workshop processes.

I'm still working on combining my Kay Kahn and Kim Thittichai workshops.
I had a book of furniture fabric samples that I got years ago and I took a couple of pieces out to use in the support layers of Kay Kahn's technique.. I also had some felt from several years ago -no wonder I find it hard to throw things out!! I sewed them together, as we had been shown in the workshop. The size was determined by the sample pieces of fabric which were the same width as the newspaper page - very convenient. They were roughly square, so that is the shape I have ended up with.
Two layers of commercial felt sandwiched between two layers of furniture fabric. 

The paper layer ready to be sewn on.
So I cut my paper 'fabric' to size and sewed it onto the four-layered background.  The paper layers stood up to the sewing, I had wondered  if it would cause perforations that might weaken it but so far so  good.


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