Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Still making up my mind

As I have already said, I am trying to settle on an idea to develop for my machine embroidery assignment. I had thought of trying to do something with a fan, then that morphed into a parasol (only I know the logic of that thought process).
Then I thought I couldn't justify a parasol through the research I was doing.  But I really, in my heart of hearts, wanted to do a parasol.
I even got started on making a small bag, based on a Jacobean bag I got information about on the V&A website. (What a fabulous resource.)
I have played with ideas about making cuffs for gloves or mittens.
I just couldn't get settled on an idea.
Then, on a visit to Melbourne on Monday, I saw this at Australia on Collins.
I'm pretty sure I have seen this installation before but I still really like it.

How could I not work on parasols?? Seeing this made me think I was MEANT to ditch my other ideas and go back to what I want to do.  Isn't it funny how you see omens and signs that direct you where you want to go?

So I looked around some more and came across an image at the V&A site.  Now I have an historic piece of embroidery that I can use to develop an idea from.
Here's hoping I actually get started now!


Glennis said...

What fantastic images; I'm sur ethey will make a beautiful machine embroidery.

Mary said...

Thanks Glennis, I am slowly working on my idea but it is proving trickier than I had thought - or I am just not that inspired at present.