Saturday, October 5, 2013


Here I am, at the computer when I should be working on my next machine embroidery assignment.  It is giving me heaps of grief - and I haven't started doing anything yet.  I had this idea that I want to try making a parasol. Unfortunately, I can't make it fit the brief.  I keep rereading the brief, then doing more research, but there just seems to be no justification to try a parasol.
So ... after much angst, I took the day off and went out with a friend yesterday, just to give myself some mental space.
We went to a wine gallery on the Mornington Peninsula. It was a lovely day for a change.  They had a short walk through a wetlands.  We saw a moorhen and then a large sculpture of three moorhens.  There were sculptures scattered around one part of the walk.

As I was leaving my friend's place, there was a flock of cockatoos in the park opposite.  My friend doesn't like them much as they used to tease her dog, Ollie, even going so far as to swoop him when they were out walking and throwing nuts at him when at home.  She isn't sure if he was silly to be out there with the birds or if he was being clever in getting the nuts.  She used to find chewed nuts in the yard all the time.

She shooed the birds away even though Ollie is no longer with us.

Well, off to try to get started on my next idea - a bag of some sort.

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Michelle said...

Haa, sounds like me, Mary!! I'm not enjoying my assignments this year, so procrastination has become my middle name ;)