Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Instant Colour Lesson

At the workshop we did with Joy Smith last Sunday, we discussed colour. Joy showed us lots of examples and we discussed how intensity can be changed by colours nearby, by texture (textured weaving)  and by the type of yarn used - whether it is fuzzy, twisted, smooth, shiny, etc (which I suppose is also texture).
Then we looked at the colours I was weaving.  I am trying to do a sample that graduates from yellow to blue, just like the patchwork one I did recently. I had some colours but had to go to the Australian Tapestry Workshop to buy some to carry the colours through.  I thought I had chosen a reasonable range, they didn't look like the colour change was too marked.

When I wove the colours though, the fourth one from the right was very different.  The change was much too noticeable.  Instant lesson on how the weaving can affect the perception of the colour. 
I then blended the the two colours, to see if I could lessen the large jump in tone. I started with two strands of the lighter colour, one of the darker.  Then I changed it to two of the darker and one of the lighter.  This was in the midst of counting the passes and half passes that make up the change in colour.
It is 6 half passes of colour 1, 1 of colour 2, 5 of colour 1, 2 of colour 2, 4 of colour 1, 3 of colour 2, 3 of colour 1, 4 of colour 2, 2 of colour 1, 5 of colour 2, 1 of colour 1, 6 of colour 2.  Then start with the new colour. The notes I had were written in half passes, so that is how I have counted it.

But I had hoped to do a sample with no blending, seeing I tend to blend my colours all the time. I have put it aside for the time being.  I will visit the shop again and see if I can find a colour to go between these two, allowing me to use flat colours.  I will pull out the blended wool if I can find the shade I want. If not, I suppose I will just have to keep going and see how the other colours go.  I keep telling myself it is only a sample and that is what it is for. 
There will be a bit of a hiatus before I get back to it - the workshops have finished and I have a machine embroidery assignment due soon. Then I will try again.

Seeing it is a sample, I have decided not to worry too much about the pulling in on the sides.  Joy tells me it is probably because of the way I pull the shed forward as well as using only one bobbin across the piece. Who knew that I might need to use a few bobbins on this small a piece?


Michelle said...

I think you've done a very good job!! So lucky to have so many workshops in Melbourne!!

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle, yes, we are lucky to have the workshops. There seem to be a spate of them recently. One of the participants came down from NSW every weekend - not sure I could do that, it was a big effort!