Thursday, October 3, 2013


I actually haven't got much to say today but couldn't pass up the date - 3/10/13.
So .... it is spring.  Definitely NOT my favourite season.  Windy, changeable temperatures, pollen!!!
But - the flowers are blooming, we have mulberries already falling on the ground - probably because of the wind - and it is obviously time to be thinking about starting up the dyeing again.
Our glasshouse has been reglassed (if there is such a word) with safety glass.

Our gardening enthusiast couldn't wait till daylight to be doing.
Despite the high winds, the apple blossom has stayed on the tree. We are hoping to beat the possums to the fruit this year.

I was not game enough to be in the glasshouse during the high winds but I went out today to scrape the last of the old glass panes that had lichen on them.
Fortunately, I have read that you can leave the lichen for ages so there is no rush to do any dyeing yet.  I am not prepared yet, I have no projects in mind for the fabric. Not that that has stopped me in the past but I am trying to be a bit more specific in what I do.

It is Buy Nothing New month.  I should have gone to the Australian Tapestry Workshop last week to buy some wool when I thought of it but they had the Grand Final Parade on and I couldn't face the crowds, despite being a Hawthorn member and loving the football. So now I might have to wait till the end of the month before I get well into my idea.
It is to try to do the optical illusion I have just tried with patchwork.  I am attending a three week series of Sunday workshops with Joy Smith and it has been suggested that I could try out different ways of graduating the colours, using different techniques.  I have some yellows, so can start at that end, but have very few of the other colours to finish it off. I will either have to weave very slowly - not really a problem - and wait till next month to buy some suitable yarns, or just go and buy some new yarns and not keep to the idea of the month. Or I could try using mixed colours and see how that goes. Time, and energy, will tell.


parlance said...

Mary, it's not 'buy nothing' month, it's 'buy nothing NEW'. Is there a place you can obtain recycled yarn?

Mary said...

Parlance, I could ask some of my weaving friends if they have any of my necessary colours. Good idea!