Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gayle de Angelis

Blogging about the artist's talk by Gerda van Hamond reminded me that I recently heard another very interesting talk by a textile artist - Gayle de Angelis.  It was at The Alcove Art Shop's AGM, not a meeting where you would expect to be inspired.  But she was the guest speaker and very entertaining and inspiring, especially for the wearable art people I was with.

Gayle talked about her artistic journey, she even had a textile visual that accompanied it to outline the ups and downs in her life that have influenced her work.

Gayle aims to repurpose materials, without cutting them, by sewing them by hand.  She makes wearable art, some quite wearable and functional, some less so. A lot of her work uses old ties but she also uses scarves, tablecloths, gloves and doilies, among other things.

Gayle talked about different ventures she has undertaken, different directions for her work.  It was inspiring to see what she is achieving with such a simple-seeming idea. She was most generous with her information too. She showed us some images for calendars she has developed.  What an amazing imagination she has.

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Pizzeria Praja Ristorante said...

I remember trying to re-fashion old ties a few years ago. I made a skirt, it was a complete disaster! I remember even trying an overdye to make it all "sit" which made it even worse. But I did have fun doing it.