Friday, August 2, 2013

Texture walk

I have been working on my latest assignment for the SWTAFE machine embroidery course this week - after a bit of a slump in the last couple of weeks. We were asked to come up with a 3D object.  We had to do samples using a few different techniques and I found a lot of my work tending towards organic shapes - what a surprise!  Not.
I have plenty of pictures of trees and tree trunks, logs, etc. but just had to take more.  Some of the older ones were lost when I deleted all my photos (I will recover from this eventually) but I still have a rather good collection.
However, I took my camera with me on the last couple of walks with the dog and it was my turn to get distracted and wander off into the bushes.  The walks have been an absolute bonus, given how my back reacts to hours of sitting and sewing.
Here are some of the images that I have been using - my theme has been fallen branches and leaf litter, which might explain some of the otherwise not very interesting photos.

It is funny how having a particular theme makes you look at things differently.  I will have walked past these branches and stumps many times without taking much notice but this time I could see wonderful patterns and designs.

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