Friday, August 9, 2013

Making a forest floor machine embroidery piece - part two

We were asked to make a 3D piece for the assignment.  I had thought about Art Dolls, not my thing at all.  Vessels were a possibility but I found myself making things very similar to bowls I had already made and I couldn't see any real use for the piece I had modelled on a vase.
I ended up deciding to make a 'sculpture' of the forest floor.  I went back to some work I had done a year or so ago, making free motion machine lace and rolling it up to resemble a tree trunk.

This is where I was so happy to have blogged about it in the past, I found it easily online rather than having to search through various hardcopy visual diaries and not being sure where I had put that work. I just had to put in a term in the search box and there it was!

I used the same technique I had used previously and laid out some sari silk and some pieces of sinamay that I had.  I used them as part of the design and because the work seems to shrink less when I have a base such as this to hold the shape better.
I then hooped it up and sewed between the pieces, using them as good anchor points for the lacy part.

After that, I rolled it up loosely, to resemble a fallen branch,

and auditioned the fungus.

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