Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fungus walk

As I have been experimenting with the samples for our assignment, some of them have made me think of fungus (or flowers).
To get this effect, you draw a circle on your fabric and then sew in straight lines from the centre.
It wrinkles as you sew, giving dimension. It has to be hooped to be manageable. The one nearest the camera was done by going around and around the circle, rather than straight stitching.
I did the samples with  a colour that I don't often use, to get rid of some of it.

I had to take the camera out again and get more photos, while walking the dog. This time I was looking at various fungi that is in the park. As I have said, it has not been very wintry (although it is today!!) and the park is reasonably dry. I did find a few dampish spots though and there were some interesting sights - if I looked carefully.

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parlance said...

Walking with a dog does make you look carefully at things around you. I call it 'a dog's eye view'. I have to keep my eyes peeled to spot anything edible before she does.