Thursday, August 8, 2013

Making a forest floor machine embroidery piece - part one

After all my taking photos and thinking, I finally started making some distorted machine sewing based on the images.
I also used ideas from Exploring Dimensional Quilt Art by C June Barnes.  I didn't do the quilted shapes but used an idea for one piece. She explains her designs and the maths involved and they can be adapted to free motion sewing.
The idea was to make two identical circles, cut a slit in each one, then join them together.  I didn't quite follow the instructions but came up with something that could possibly be found on a forest floor.

I played around with ideas from the samples we had done, trying to use colours that might suggest a more muted fungus - despite the fact that I was finding orange fungus on my walks.

I wasn't sure how the non circular piece would come out once off the hoop but it turned out ok.
I chose a base fabric that was in the colour range I was using, so that it didn't matter if you could see a little bit of the fabric through the sewing.


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

You are doing such fascinating things! I love the colours and shapes!

Mary said...

Thanks Vera, it is fun to be doing the course and made to stretch my skills and imagination.

Gina E. said...

Wow! These look just like the real thing - very clever, Mary!

Mary said...

Thanks Gina, it is fun to do this sort of playing around.