Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Tapestries in Suspension

It was my turn to sit at the Tinning St gallery today.  There were a few visitors but there was also some down time.  I have a new camera and I took the book along to read.  I took the camera too, of course.
So here are a few photos of my tapestries from varying angles.

My work was based on the idea that we have times in our lives when we are snuggled up cosily in our little cocoons but then things happen (whether caused by outside forces or from within) and we have to move on, change our directions, etc.  Then we start again in another cocoon and the journey goes on.

The thought behind these pieces is that the front of the tapestry is what you see from the outside and the back represents what is going on out of sight.  So there are bumps and rough patches visible from the outside but inside is more complicated and messy - there are soft spots as well as rough spots but it is not the same as the image we present to the world. It is not necessarily worse, it is just different.

You can see this one on the loom, and just off the loom, here.
It is the same one as the above image.  It moves gently in the moving air.

 Here is a link showing the back tapestry on the loom.
The front tapestry is here

 This is taken from below, experimenting with the camera settings. 

Another taken from below.

My pieces are the cocoons along the window wall and the three tapestries hanging in the distance. The afternoon light was lovely on the teardrop pieces. 


Gina E. said...

Hi Mary, I've just left a comment on your post about your old family embroideries, back in September I think. I don't know why I hadn't put your blog on my favorites list; I still have your name on a piece of paper that I wrote everything down on during my sojourn at Bundoora Homestead!

Michelle said...

Oh wow, looks amazing!! So dramatic, especially hanging on that space!!

Mary said...

Gina, Blogger lets me see all the comments as I have to approve them, so I would have got it. I am not sure if you would have seen my reply back then though, so I am replying here too.

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle, it still makes me a little nervous as they are so unlike any mounting of tapestries that I have seen and done but I do like them in the space.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

I like them too! :-)

Mary said...

Thanks Vera, it has been challenging to do the show and expand my ideas of how tapestry should be done. But I have enjoyed it greatly.