Monday, December 24, 2012

Interesting date

Today is 24/12/12.
I wasn't going to post today but someone reminded me of the interesting date.
So ...
I have been looking around the internet for more info about ice flower dyeing.  I still have some petals in the cool box and hope to use them in the very near future - if they haven't already thawed.  I came across a site that has a plan for running a session on ice dyeing.  That could be useful for a play day with friends.
There were others that discussed different effects they had obtained.  Many of them seem to be experimenting to see what will happen.  I find that I do that and can come up with some lovely pieces of fabric but then either don't have enough to use or can't duplicate the conditions to get the same result again.  Fortunately I don't usually worry about it. I also learnt from my quilting days that having an ugly piece of fabric is ok as it can be used in contrast to the more beautiful pieces.  They are often necessary to the design. So the 'failures' are something to hold on to also.
Some of the sites:

I came across this site where the person is using hollyhock flowers.  Ours are just finishing their blooming so I will have a look tomorrow and see if any have survived yesterday's heat (it is quite cool tonight thank goodness).  I will collect them and put them in the freezer, the cheesecake will be gone and there should be plenty of room.
The picture is actually rather lighter than the actual flowers so I am feeling rather hopeful of getting a good result.  Something to do after Christmas lunch.

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