Thursday, October 18, 2012

Working at The Alcove

I have recently joined the Alcove Art Shop which is a volunteer organisation that sells the members' work.  You can be a 'working' member and get a discount on the commission the shop takes for selling your work.  I have volunteered to do this - not that I actually ever make anything for selling (not sure why I joined really).
Yesterday was my first day minding the shop.  It was fairly quiet so I was glad that I still had a couple of cocoons to sew together.  It takes a surprisingly long time to put them together so it was a good time to be doing it, when I had to be in one place and couldn't wander off to do other 'more important' or 'more interesting' things.

Actually, it was a very pleasant space to be working in, all that lovely art and craft around me.

This one has a flattish bottom and can stand - as long as there is no breeze.
The two halves of a cocoon, one sewn into a bowl shape and the other waiting to be sewn.
I have been playing around with the templates and some are starting to look more and more like a chrysalis than a cocoon. The picture above became the piece below.


Michelle said...

Ooo, they're beautiful Mary!

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle, some days I like them and other days I can't stand them. Today is a liking day.