Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trying a New Template

I recently bought the wonderful Exploring Dimensional Quilt Art by C June Barnes and loved it. But, as I am beavering away at my free motion sewing (and the occasional bit of tapestry weaving), I have had to put it aside for now.
Then it occurred to me that I could develop one of her designs using my own free motion fabric.
First I played around with some templates and made up one of the designs using paper.  I tried various ways of sticking it together before coming up with a design that I thought might work.

Then I used one of my very intricate templates - it is numbered so I can remember which bits I stuck together.

I made my fabric, making sure I had the same colour ends for the linking parts so that the joins would not be too obvious.

I started sewing it together.  It is a little harder than it looks because the fabric is hard in places, due to the soluble fabric not being completely dissolved so it will be a little stiff.

Now I have it hanging, I just have to decide if I like it.  It is also fairly small once it is sewn together.  I started with an A4 piece of paper for my design.  I think I will try it again with a larger template. Obviously I like it a bit or I wouldn't try again.


parlance said...

Reminds me of one of those moebius strip thingies.

Mary said...

How clever of you Parlance! If you read the relevant chapter, you would find that the design is related to Moebius patterns. This is my take on it though so it isn't really Moebius.