Thursday, October 4, 2012

trying for 3D shapes

At the moment I am working on machine sewing, free motion.  I am trying to make some 3D shapes and have used a template that, when sewn together, draws the fabric up into a shaped piece.

 Here is the first stage, a flat piece of sewing. I have included some small pieces of fabric with the sewing. I drew the template onto the soluble fabric and sewed over the fabric and made some free motion lacey fabric. When I soak the soluble fabric off, the template distorts a little, so the shaping in a bit random but still works for what I want.

Here is one of the pieces with the uneven edges sewn together, drawing it up into a more moulded shaped.

I made two pieces, joined them together and here is the resulting 3D shape, hanging in the garden.


Glennis said...

That looks fantastic Mary. Are you thinking of using that for your cocoon shape or for something else.

Mary said...

Thanks Glennis, it is going to be one of my cocoons - I need to make a few more so will try some different templates, that one worked ok, if you don't want a perfect cocoon, which I don't. It will be a bit of a trick to store them and keep them 3D, they are hanging around at the moment but not in really good spots.