Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Uluru sunset

As I have mentioned earlier, a friend and I had a holiday recently and part of it was at Uluru.  We arrived in time to view the sunset and I took some photos.  We were advised to take photos every 5 minutes or so, to get good pictures of the changing colours of the sun on the rock.  Unfortunately, I hadn't thought to take a tripod with me, so I had trouble getting the photos very similar.  It also got darker (surprise, surprise) and I had to have  longer exposures for the later pictures which made it harder to hold still.

When I looked at them later, I realised I could have had a lovely sequence of images that I could make into a little movie.  So I gave the matter some thought and decided that I could hone some Photoshop skills and try to manipulate the photos so that they were in the same orientation on the canvas of the program.  I used the rulers and guide lines to get the photos as close to the same as possible.  I had to stretch some images, condense others and tilt others.  This then lead to some images having blank spots, so I had to play around with putting in the a fill that is based on the surrounding pixels (isn't Photoshop amazing!).  If you look closely at the images you will see a couple where I didn't do it perfectly but I decided that I didn't really care, I just wanted to DO IT.  So please forgive the jumping images, there was no earthquake at the time, just my unsuccessful attempts to get the shame shots.

Here is my little movie of sunset at Uluru, with music from Stuart Cardell.  I love the didgeridoo sounds in it.


parlance said...

It was a lovely little video and the music had an eerie quality that went well with the gradually encroaching night.

Mary said...

Thanks Parlance, I really liked the evocative music too.