Saturday, September 1, 2012

ATASDA travelling suitcase exhibition

The travelling suitcase exhibition of Marrakech, by ATASDA members, came to our meeting today.  There were two suitcases for the exhibition, we got to see the one called Cara.  The works on display were wonderful.

I had intended going in it but, as is often the case, didn't get around to it.  However, I am feeling inspired to go in the next one.

There were also little kits that were available, to make tiles for a smaller piece if you didn't feel like making a bigger one.

Our Victorian group of ATASDA is still in its formative years and the people who have put so much work into starting it up are standing down - so now it is up to others to see if we have the genuine interest to make it a viable group.  We are going to meet in October and one of our members is going to lead us in making Christmas decorations (inspired by the little booties that Barbara had to show us - you can make them instead of the Christmas decorations if you like). I hope the group is viable but realise that if it is all left to a few participants then it is not a goer.  So we will persevere for the rest of the year and then make some decisions about the new year.


Vicki said...

thanks for the great photos, mary.

Mary said...

No problems Vicki, they don't do justice to the works.