Thursday, September 6, 2012

Coo-ee and old embroideries

When browsing the Embroiderers' Guild newsletter, we noticed that there is an exhibition on at Bundoora Homestead.  It is Early Australian Linens (this is a blog about the exhibition with lots of photos).
My friend and I went along today (6/9/12) to have a look.  We were able to reminisce about the embroideries we did in our younger days, and the ones that we remember our mothers doing.  I will have to go through the cupboards and see what we still have - not that I could bear to part with them, I'll just remember doing them.  Maybe we'll use them again.

Of interest to me was this apron. It reminded me that Coo-ee (you can read about it here) has been around for quite a while - there was even a written record of it at the Napoleon exhibition at the National Gallery Victoria.

There were some lovely other pieces too.

This was lovely.  Apparently it was done by an 83 year old lady, not all that long ago. 

I remember seeing these sets, all ready to be embroidered and crocheted.
You can read more about the collection at Patra's Place of Linens.  And she has other blogs too - I have just discovered her swap card collection - will have to dig out mine now.


Gina E. said...

Thanks for the heads up, Mary! Are you going to post photos of your family linens here on your blog? I'd love to see them ;-)

Mary said...

Gina, I will have to find them, then I will do a post. We may not have as many as I remember but I know we still have some. I hope to get to this soon.