Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Silk Painting with old dyes and no steamer

I have been brought up to be fugal - and sometimes it is still in me.  I also have dye for silk painting that I haven't used for about 15 years.  Everyone tells me that you should not keep dyes too long but I just couldn't bring myself to throw them out without trying.
So I decided to do the simple silk painting method - that way I wouldn't have to dig out all the old frames, etc. I dampened the silk and laid it out on plastic, slightly crumpled.  Then I used the undiluted dye to drip onto the silk.  I love watching the way it runs and forms its own patterns.
I have since remembered that using undiluted dye is wasteful as the silk does not hold it all.  Oh well, I will be able to see what happens when I wash it. I expect a lot of dye will run out.
Of course, I might not be able to tell as I am improvising how to steam it.  The dyes need to be steam set and I can't be bothered with buying a steamer (we only have one for food and I am not going to use that) and all the paper and stuff that needs to be used with it.  I am only experimenting after all, to see if the old dyes will work.
So I have bundled it all up into more plastic, closed the ends and left it rolled up in the sun (which is appearing intermittently today).  Heat batching - I hope it works.
Hmm, this is not very scientific:  I won't know if it didn't work because the dyes were old or because I didn't steam it properly.

The small table is holding it down as it is windy.

Here's hoping it does work and then I won't have to throw out my dyes and I can steam batch using plastic and the sun.

The weather seems to be changing so I might go out and retrieve it soon, now that it is not looking like being sunny again.

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