Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Something worked

The silk did dye but a lot of the dye ran out - probably because I didn't dilute it.  I actually remembered why I don't like dyeing much - it uses a LOT of water.  I rinsed and rinsed and eventually the dye stopped coming out of the fabric - well enough for my purposes, it isn't going to be clothing.

Here it is, drying on the line.
But enough remained in the fabric for it to be useful.  I haven't decided what to use it for: I might use it for tapestry weaving, if I rip it into strips; I might use it for machine embroidery when I try to do it using fabric as part of the design.

Two posts today!  I couldn't resist 12/9/12.  Just wait, soon it will be 12/12/12 - and almost Christmas.


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

I am like you, not liking to throw things out,- but I think it has come out very well! I like random patterns! I look forward to find out what you decided to do. - and yes, water rates are not encouraging dye projects, I am saving for a rainwater tank day :-)

Mary said...

Hi Vera, the trouble with water tanks is that you need rain to fill them up, so they are quite good at the moment but you want to use the water well in times of drought and dyeing is not really a good thing to be doing when water is scarce.

Glennis said...

Your fabric looks good. I like the green in it; it looks green in the picture. It would look good in your coocoons maybe.

Mary said...

Thanks Glennis, it is actually only black, white and grey, that is the grass showing through the slightly transparent fabric. It is for the work I am doing in the greyscale. Taking colour out of the equation makes it so much simpler!