Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thank goodness for the doodling!

We recently bought a cheap printer/scanner/copier.  It printed and copied but wouldn't scan.  After many emails back and forth to the support people, they suggested I ring.  This happened today - after one and a half hours of trying various things, it now scans but won't print.
They are going to ring me back later.
While I was on hold a couple of times (and my helper had to wait a lot too while I tried to find various cords, outlets, etc), I doodled - purposefully.  I tried some of the patterns I had been trying at the drawing class on Sunday.
The scanning that I tried was of the drawing I did last night.

Kate had told us that you could do it watching tv - not me, I had no idea what was happening in the show.  It definitely is NOT something I can do while watching tv - at least not a drawing that I am working on. The doodling is possibly something that I could do with less concentration but even that takes a bit of thought. And it needs careful looking which then stops me getting all the body language, significant looks, etc on the show.  So tv is for watching, drawing and doodling is for other times.
I used to be able to knit and watch tv but I think that was because you can knit without having to look at it all the time.


Glennis said...

That's gorgeous Mary. I couldn't draw with the tvon eiher. Keep up the good work.gaystart

Mary said...

Thanks Glennis,
I was quite happy with it (or I wouldn't have posted it I suppose). But it took some concentration.

Misha said...

I keep meaning to try pen drawing too.
The effects you've got are gorgeous. I must look out for more classes by
Katherine Devine if she can get one to draw like that!

Again - great stuff!


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

I agree with you can't doodle or draw while watching TV, - but I can easily doodle while on the phone ...
and like you need all the concentration at hand while drawing.
In any case, love your drawing, - my favorite flowers! Vera

Mary said...

Thanks Misha. She is having another class at Open Drawer at the end of the month. It says level2 but I am pretty sure it wouldn't matter if you hadn't done the first class. She is going to concentrate on drawing water and weather.

Mary said...

Thanks Vera. Yes, I love gum blossoms too. I have lots of photos of my own but this picture is actually copied from a photo that Katherine had at the class for us to use if we hadn't brought images that were going to suit.

parlance said...

I wonder if it's because knitting uses a different section of the brain?

Mary said...

Maybe, I night get out some knitting and see what happens. You can stop and look up with knitting more easily than with drawing I think.