Saturday, May 12, 2012

Joy Smith tapestry exhibition

Today's date is another good one - 12/5/12.  Once again, I have something I can post about, fortunately.  Joy Smith's tapestry exhibition opened today, at Hawthorn Studio and Gallery.  It was an exhibition of Joy's tapestries and Wendy Steer's paintings.
There was a good crowd there and it was great to see some familiar faces.

Joy hiding in the crowd

The exhibition being officially opened

Joy with two of her works (three, if you look carefully)

Congratulations to Joy on her work.  She seems to have done a lot of weaving this year, many of them had 2012 on them.
It is always amazing to see the intricacy of Joy's work.  It was good to be able to speak to her about some of them and to have her personal insights and explanations of the works.
Joy is hoping to give a floor talk about her works,  I hope this eventuates.  She did not have the opportunity to do so today but I went to her last one and it was great. There is always an interesting story behind Joy's work and it would be good to hear that in more detail.

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