Monday, May 14, 2012

Some great blackwork sites

I have been browsing the internet and found some gorgeous images for blackwork.  There are also some amazing sites with tutorials.  Some people are so generous.
Needle 'n' Thread
American Needlepoint Guild
I did art as part of my primary teaching course and embroidery was what I majored in - not terribly useful in my many years of teaching 5 to 7 year olds.  Still, I did enjoy doing lots of art activities with my various grades and textiles often crept in.  I'm really good at threading thick thread through thick needles!

Here is a piece I did back then - dare I admit it? - in the 70s.  It is blackwork except it is maroon.  It was based on the wrought iron around Carlton.  I haven't done any since but I have always love counted thread work and can feel the need to revisit coming over me.  I also have a hankering to play around with Crewel embroidery patterns, especially from the Jacobean period. You might see that influence on the pocket I made for my course.

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