Monday, May 7, 2012

Drawing class

I had to blog today, the date is 7/5/12 (7+5=12).  So here I am, with only an hour of the day left, blogging.
Fortunately, I went to a drawing class yesterday and have something to blog about.  As I may have said before, drawing is not something I would naturally choose to do.  I keep thinking that I will draw, I read people's blogs where they have made a resolution to draw every day, I think I will try that too, I don't, etc.  So I am feeling pleased that not only did I go to a class yesterday but I have actually drawn again today (more about this later).
The thing about this drawing style is that it is similar to doodling, something that I often do.  So I felt comfortable with it straight away. It does take more thought than I usually put into my doodling but I still felt that it was achievable.
The class was Learn the Art of Pen Drawing by Katherine Devine.  It was at Open Drawer in Hartwell. The class was very relaxed and we were given good instructions and inspiration with plenty of time to practise.  

The first thing we did was a basic leaf shape that we filled in with patterns.
After lunch, we did our own drawings, based on a photo we had brought.  To make it easy, we had blown up a photo to A4 size and traced the main outlines, allowing us to have a basic shape that was in proportion and was not going to cause too much angst starting up. Then we just filled in the areas with different patterns, getting the shading by the way we coloured in the patterns.  Everyone produced great work, some MUCH more intricate than others (it is going to take them hours to finish but they were keen to do so).

One of the reasons I was keen to do the class is that I have an interest in blackwork embroidery - a slight interest at this stage.  I am slowly getting around to thinking that maybe, perhaps, I would like to try some.  When I saw the ad for this class I thought I had to do it, just in case I ever decide to a) do some blackwork and b) design my own.

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