Sunday, May 13, 2012

More drawing

I have spent several hours on yet another image of the cliff at Rockbeare Park (Darebin Parklands on the other side of the creek).  I decided to try the new drawing technique and see if I could come up with an image I liked.  It is not quite what I wanted but I suppose I should remember that I have only just started with this style and be happy that at least I am drawing.

I did a drawing on Friday while visiting a friend.  She said I now had to TTT.  What???  Pardon???
Take it To Textile - I think that's what she said it meant.
So I have been trying to think of ways to do that.  So far I have had some thoughts about blackwork embroidery but I think the designs might be too intricate for that.  (Actually, if you look at some of these images, you will see that it might suit really well.  It might also be very slow!) I have booked into beginner classes at the Embroiderers Guild for the next two Fridays so can ask about it.

Then I thought about the work I did with Jane Sassaman and how she wanted us to use the elaborate stitches that are available on the sewing machine.  Not that I took the cogs with me to have many available - it is a very old Husqvarna that uses cogs to change the stitch designs.
The different stitches can be used to get various effects with colour and to make the quilting more interesting.  So far I haven't tried the various cogs so there isn't a great variety.

My next thought is to see if I can master the various stitches on the machine and then try using them to do some of the patterns.
Using the machine may mean that I have to abstract the design even further, something that I would love to be able to do - this could be a whole new area for me.
I suppose then I will have to decide on whether to stick with the black and white or to start utilising colour.  And another element could be the thickness of the threads.  So many ideas, so many decisions.
Now all I have to do is actually try some doing of these ideas. And I will also have to decide which technique to do - I have been thinking lately that it would be nice to be doing some handwork that I can carry around with me, so maybe blackwork will get a trial.


Michelle said...

Mary, I LOVE your line drawing! It has a lot of energy, and very interesting mark-making techniques!

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle, I really enjoy doing it, it is very involving. And the tracing of the basic outline does make it much easier. The use of quite geometric patterns when the design is not geometric also frees me up a lot. I am enjoying it so far.

therigatha said...

I really like this 'doodling' Have tried to find more info, but seems to be limited. Guess I will have to await more blogging from you with instructions.

Mary said...

Thanks therigatha, she is having a class next Sunday, at Open Drawer. But I have decided not to go, I need to practise more before going further. It is basically a matter of doodling patterns in the areas you want shaded, then using the doodling for darker and lighter areas. Is that as clear as mud?