Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lumosity and birds

I just had to blog today because of the date - 13/12/11.  Lovely.
My excuse is to talk about Lumosity, the site where you keep your brain active by playing games.  A few of the games have birds in them and you have to identify them - I have never heard of some of them, they are obviously northern hemisphere, or USA, birds.  But it makes me think of the birdsong that is around at the moment here - many birds are singing, mating and generally visible.  Quite a few of them are making themselves heard at dawn! (which is early at this time of the year).
It also reminds me of my recent trip to France and all the birds that were around - especially the swallows - so many of them. We don't get swallows in those numbers here in Melbourne.
We met a lady there who had visited Australia and she commented that the Australian birdsong seemed harsher than European birdsong.  When I came home I listened more attentively and I have to agree with her, the birds here seem to have more raucous sounds.  Not that I don't like them, they are just not usually as melodious as the birds I heard in France, except for the magpies of course.

The Lumosity site is quite good fun but I am aware of the fact that I often don't go on the computer till the end of the day, when I am quite tired.  So some days I do well and others I don't do so well.  Not to worry, it is still an enjoyable site and I hope I am keeping my brain active in a positive way.

Of course, doing art activities is supposed to be good for the brain also.  I have to admit, some of my art activities are more relaxing than others.  I spent quite a bit of time doing some tapestry weaving today, only to realise that I had forgotten to hitch off the parts that are the shaped edge and I had to pull it out again.  Frustrating!!  This current work, based on the theme of Circles and Squares, has had more pulling out than I have ever done with a tapestry.

It is actually quite a challenge.  I am not that confident with circles but have decided to persevere and see how I go.  It is also going to be a shaped piece with some parts attached by sewing only, they are not woven in at all.  It will be interesting to see how I go when I get to those sections.
Fortunately, it is not a very big tapestry so I can give it the time I need to try to learn the different techniques without stressing that I am wasting my time with a big work. It is a bit like working on the 12 inch art quilts, you haven't wasted too much time and effort (and materials) with it, even if you don't much like it.

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