Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

After the storms of Christmas Day, we went down to the local creek to see the damage. We couldn't get in our usual way, the bridge was under water and had a lot of debris caught on it.
 We walked along a bike track further along the creek and saw the walkway from in the park - quite a long way away from where it should be.
A snake used to live under this walkway, I wonder where it has gone.  Actually, we were a little nervous about walking down at the park as it has a lot of snakes and we were a little worried about where they would all be, assuming they were washed out by the floods.

The floods will hopefully have cleaned out the creek, there was a lot of silt deposited on the flood plain also, maybe the plants will benefit from this and the good soaking - those that are still rooted in the ground that is.  It was fascinating to see the different areas the flood had come to and how different things had accumulated in various areas.  I feel sorry for the park rangers who have put so much work into the planting and renovation in the park, there is a lot of cleaning up to do.

We were very fortunate at home, only a little bit of water go in.  Some of my friends were badly inundated.  Best wishes to all those who were affected by the deluge.

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