Friday, December 2, 2011

Just in Time!

The Tutenkhamun exhibition has been on at the Melbourne Museum for MONTHS and I have been meaning to go.  I saw that it finishes on Sunday, so called in today.  It was very interesting, lots of beautiful artifacts to look at and drool over.  We were not allowed to have any electronic devices on, take photos or even sketch.  Parts of it were in quite dark rooms, I'm not sure if that was to protect them from the light or just for the atmosphere.
I can't imagine the excitement of the archaeologists who found it - there were some movies from the time as well as images.  It must have been so amazing.
I did enjoy just looking at the exhibition and not having to think about how it would fit into my teaching, what books or charts I could buy to help plan lessons, etc. I just enjoyed it for what it was. And I didn't buy any souvenirs.
I did examine a lot of the works with our online group challenge in mind - to make 12 in square art quilts based on countries other than Australia.  I am hoping to get back to that work, I have let it lapse since I have concentrated on finishing my Studio Textiles and Design course.

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