Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

It is nearly a week since I last blogged - I will miss my deadline if I'm not careful.
I haven't been doing much of great interest in the last week.  We finished our exhibition and then it was the post-study let-down.  I have tried to get interested in some sewing or weaving but just don't have the energy or focus.
We have had some pre-Christmas events and the planning for Christmas day and that has been enough.  It is also getting hotter, more summery, and that takes it out of you.  Even the nights are getting warmer which makes sleeping harder.
But the hot weather has one benefit (not that it feels like it at the time), you have to get up early to take the dog for a walk before the heat sets in.  This morning I went to Yarra Bend and got yet more photos of eucalyptus trunks.  Yes, I am still taking photos.  I am very impressed with my phone, it takes quite good pictures and I don't have to carry a camera with me.
I will have to come up with some new works to depict this sort of  trunk, it is very textured.

Here is a picture I took recently, it is a paperbark and the texture is amazing.  I am still thinking about how to try something with this.  Maybe felting would be the go.  I have yet to find a felting technique that I like to do - or that I can make pleasing products with.  So maybe something like this would be a challenge I could take up. Something for the new  year perhaps.  


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Wishing you a great new year! Love the tree textures - best wishes for your challenge! (I am weaving 2 trees in my current tapestry ..)Vera

Mary said...

Thanks Vera, trees are so lovely! I have LOTS of photos of trunks and must do more with them. Best wishes to you for the new year also.