Friday, September 16, 2011

Textile Workshop with Petra Meer Day 3

On our final day, we shared the text and images we had brought.  This took quite a while as there were some very moving and inspirational pieces. I took the photo I used last year for my tapestry weaving.  I love the way the rocks show time and movement in the geological structure.

We then developed some new fabric collages, incorporating words from our discussions and writing - yes, we wrote more.  We also drew an image that arose from the discussion, appropriate to our own work.
After some time working on the collages, we shared what we were working on this time.

The whole process was very personal.  We didn't have to reveal anything we didn't want to but we did have the opportunity to spend a deal of time exploring ideas without any mundane, everyday interruptions.  I really enjoyed the process and hope to utilise it in my development of ideas from now on.


parlance said...

Fantastic rock formation.

Mary said...

Yes Parlance, it is wonderful. There has been a lot of work at the park, partly due to the floods earlier in the year but also as part of ongoing upgrading of the creek, and the colour is not nearly so varied now. I am not sure why this is so, I must just have been lucky when I got this shot.