Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Machine Embroidery Lace

Just for something extra to do, in all that spare time I have (not!), I enrolled in the distance education course of Machine Embroidery as an Art Form at SWTAFE.  This may have been a good idea, I'm not sure yet - I'll have a better idea when all the work is due, for both my courses.

However, I am currently enjoying playing around with the making 'lace' aspect of machine embroidery.  I have used a product called Mac-rinse that is good for sewing on and will dissolve when I put it in warm water.  I think I prefer it to water soluble film as it seems firmer, doesn't stretch as much.  But you can't see through it, so the transparent film has some advantages.

I am working on a design that is derived from the bark tapestry I did last year, so still on the same theme - not that it looks much like it.
I haven't washed it out yet (as I haven't finished it) and I hope I am getting all the connecting pieces done properly or I'll be very disappointed when it all falls apart. I have included some sari silk pieces for extra texture and colour.


Michelle said...

Wow, how awesome! You look like you don't need the course ;)

I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes!

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle, I am pleased with how it is going. The course has opened up a lot of ideas for me, now I just have to get the techniques better.