Saturday, September 24, 2011

The tapestry group

Well, we had our inaugural meeting today.  We had a lovely time catching up and showing and telling about what we have been up to lately.
 Linda showed us the beautiful weaving she is currently working on for her Studio Textiles and Design course, Glennis showed us some of the work she is doing for the SWTAFE tapestry course, Marion got on with some of her en plein air weaving (not outdoors today, finishing off  a piece started earlier) and I got some advice on a design I am thinking about doing (after I complete my course, only 6 weeks to go!).

A sample that Linda has made for her planned tablecloth.

As you can see, the venue was bright and comfortable.  There is a good library there as well as dyeing, spinning and weaving supplies for sale. 

We also discussed future directions for the group.  There were two calls for entries that we looked at and have decided to go with the tapestryweaversoz one, based on circles and squares (the 2012 file).  So the idea is to think about how we might approach the topic and bring along ideas for the next meeting. This will be a good incentive to start a visual diary on the topic.

I have had a fascination with optical illusions for a while, so I might play around with that for a while.  After I do all my other work that is due for various courses. 


parlance said...

Sounds like a good start to the group.

Mary said...

Yes Parlance, and I have heard that there might be a few more people interested in attending, especially once their classes and assignments are handed in next month.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Looks like a very nice place to meet!
I wish we had a tapestry group here, but ...sometimes I feel somewhat isolated :-) I do enjoy being able to share on the net though! Best wishes for your new design!

Mary said...

Hi Vera,
Yes, it can be lonely if you have no-one to share the work with. It is good to have online groups and blogs to keep us interested. Thanks for the good wishes.