Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trying to get over it

I may have to lose some of my photos, doesn't seem all that important when I think of the people in Japan and Libya who are losing so much more.
However, I will take my computer to the technician on Monday and he may be able to retrieve the photos.  I will be very happy if that is so.
In the meantime, I have been working on some embellishing machine (dry needle felting with 5 needles and lots of power) work.  I am not that happy with the piece as the colours are not great and the design could be better.  But I have just decided to play and see what can be achieved.  I am working on producing some samples for my course, based on the passionfruit vine in our backyard.
Here is a picture (NOT using iPhoto) of work so far.
I used a commercial felt backing, wool roving and scrim, then I knitted some yarn, plain knit, steamed it and pulled it out when it had dried a little.  
Our course teachers are encouraging some 3D work, that is one of the reasons I have chosen this technique.

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