Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not much luck with my photos

I haven't had my computer for a few days while it has been at computer hospital, they were trying to retrieve my photos from the backup disk but only about a third of them seem to be there - something to do with a corrupt file.  Not good news.
I am disappointed about this as so many are lost.  But I suppose I am lucky that I still have some.
It has been interesting, not having my computer. I have had to put off some of the things I wanted to do until I have had it available.  I am having to do design work by hand!!  Very old-fashioned.
There have been some posts go up here because I was practising putting posts up and delaying the time they become available.  I have not put the photos from the workshop onto the computer, they are still on the camera, so I will post later.

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