Monday, March 7, 2011

Permission to Play

We have been looking at disperse dyes and thermoplasticity in our Experimental Textiles course and I have found is fascinating.  I attended a Play Day at the Victorian Embroiderer's Guild a couple of years ago where we played with disperse dyes but, for some reason, I did not follow up on it.  But combining the dyeing with the thermoplasticity has somehow appealed to me.  Recently I visited a friend and we had a very pleasant day just mucking around, no absolute goal, no specific design, in mind.  It was very relaxing.
Here are some of the results.

I am not sure what I could use them for but they were fun to do.  Maybe something will occur to me, perhaps for some of my other subjects.
The one above was inspired by the passionfruit we have growing out the back, the spiraling effect was very similar to the actual plant.

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