Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby's quilt

My nephew's baby girl was born last November.  I had a quilt top finished by her birth day but decided that the colours weren't working well.  So I unpicked it and made new sashings.  Unfortunately, I ran out of the fabric I was using for the sashing - it was one of the Fossil Fern patterns that is no longer printed.  I pulled it out again and decided that the seams were getting a bit ragged.
A totally new design was called for.  I found a design I like in a Sensational Quilts, an Express Publications magazine/book.  The actual design was called Groom's Nine-Patch, by Trudy Brodie (these are some links I found when I searched for her name, I assume they are the same person).   I used the design from one book (choosing different colours) but the measurements from another.  The measurements were in metric - most unusual for patchwork!!  The quilt ended up being much bigger than a cot quilt, because I was mixing the measurements a bit, but I decided not to worry, it can be laid on the floor and she can crawl around on it.
I finally delivered it last weekend.  Only 4 months late.

It is a while since I have done straight quilting (apart from the one I did for the another great-neice born in February, one of my own design).  I found that I actually enjoyed the process.

It has been interesting, choosing fabrics for the quilts, in light of the textile designing we have done over the last year or so.  I would like to design some more of my own fabrics and print them - yet another process to try at home.  More equipment and space needed.  Hmmm, maybe I'll wait and see where my enthusiasms take me this year first.

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parlance said...

I think designing your own fabrics is a wonderful idea.