Sunday, February 7, 2010

Well, that's annoying

Yesterday, after our visit to Heide, my friend and I came home and I showed her how to do free motion sewing. It was a fun afternoon and I had got out some of my samples to show her different uses and techniques. I haven't done a lot of it but I do have a few bits and pieces.

I found some half finished work that I realised I would like to finish. All of the above samples were done in classes and so I had tried to design my own piece but life interfered and I hadn't finished it.

So today I got out the machine, ready to have a play but first I was going to whip up some napkins for another friend, using New York themed fabric that we bought at The City Quilter in New York. So I had to change the foot. That was when I discovered that the shank has fallen too low and I couldn't put the new foot on - how annoying!

Of course the repair shop is not open on a Sunday, so I will take it in tomorrow. Fortunately I had another small sewing machine, useful for taking to classes. It doesn't do free motion but I have been able to play around with the napkins, so it hasn't been a totally unproductive day. It is getting hot now and so staying indoors is the preference. I'll have to try to whip up the enthusiasm for the free motion work another time.


parlance said...

I like the butterfly one best. Finish it!

Mary said...

Actually, the butterfly one is part of a quilt and it is finished by now, it was one month of an eleven month quilting class. I didn't put in a picture of the unfinished work I wrote about.