Saturday, February 20, 2010

Public Art in Melbourne

Today we went to the city to go to an art exhibition by Bryan Spiers that I had seen advertised in The Age a week or so ago. It was at the Sarah Scout gallery. Well worth the visit. I am currently into geometric art and it had strong elements that appealed to me.

It didn't open till midday, so we wandered around for a little while taking pictures of public art for an assignment that my companion has for one of her subjects in the Textiles and Design course we are doing. One of the places we went to early in our day was near the Chinese museum in Chinatown. It was a fairly hot day and we took our time wandering around.
Here is a picture of a pigeon very sensibly standing in the shade of one sculpture.

There was a mix of Chinese and Western sculpture. It was a joint project with Victoria and Jiangsu, done in 1985. I rarely go to that part of the city, so it was new to me, a pleasant surprise.

We walked around a relatively small area and found quite a bit of public art. There was some discussion about a few of the pieces as there was not always a plaque and my companion declared that meant it was not public art.
I took a few pictures of pieces that would not qualify as public art under that restriction but that I liked anyway.
Here is a dragon that was on one of the building near the Jiangsu/Victoria project.

As we found quite a lot of public art, I will post more about some of it later.

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theregatha said...

I embrace and appreciate gargoyles very much. However I still question whether they are art. I think this finickiness on my behalf is related too my very strong sense of the value of symbolism in our lives, and giving this a higher value than art. Oooops I may have just found a strong prejudice I wasn't aware I carried.......