Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Optical Illusions

I am in the stress part of my course, the choosing of a design. We have to develop designs for Tapestry, Screen Print, Integrated Design and the computer component of the course (it has had a name change and I can't remember it at present). Some of the designs are supposed to be related (hence the name Integrated Design) but I am trying to find the direction I want to go.

One of the things that I am thinking of is optical illusion, so I have been looking at various sites. Many of the optical illusions are not suitable for my needs but they are still fascinating.

I am also trying to remember how to use Adobe Illustrator, even the simple bits are eluding me. So here is my first attempt at making a design that has some element of optical illusion.

I have bought the Dover book of Geometric Designs.
It has some amazing designs. I love Dover permission free design books, I could spend hours looking through them. I like looking at them when I go to some of the craft shows.

This book has designs that remind me of some of the geometric designs so common in patchwork, especially the Tumbling Blocks design. (There are a lot of links for that too.) I am always surprised by the 3D effects that can be gained by just drawing lines or the use of colour.
I had previously posted some links to Optical Illusion sites, including
the spinning girl, which is supposed to show whether you are right or left brain oriented but I found a link that says that this is complete nonsense. (If you put Spinning Girl in your search engine, you will find quite a few links.)
Here is just one other of the many sites devoted to this topic
Eye Tricks

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