Monday, February 22, 2010

Combining images of Melbourne

A year or so ago, as part of our photography class, we wandered around Melbourne, taking some shots of things that interested us. Then, as part of our Computer Assisted Design class, we combined multiple images to make a new image.

This is Melbourne Central, from inside the building, The Gates of Hell sculpture (by Heather B Swann), that used to be in Degraves St, and some graffiti from Hosier Lane. Only The Gates of Hell has been distorted, the other images have been imported as they were taken. I used the magic selection tool to take out the pieces between the lines in the Melbourne Central image and I just kept the graffiti as the back image.

I was disappointed when I came out of the underground passage to Flinder's Street station, into Degraves St, and the sculpture was not there. A note said that it had been vandalised and taken away, but I have just found the above link to Heather Swann's site and it says the work was temporary. Either way, I used to enjoy coming up the stairs and having that in front of me.

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parlance said...

Until I clicked on the photo and made it bigger I couldn't see the graffiti, but once I did I thought the background to the image was wonderful. Very creepy and atmospheric, especially as it was so subtle.