Monday, February 8, 2010

India Flint dyeing video

One of the ladies in the Aus/NZ art quilt group posted a link to a very interesting India Flint short video.

I have also found a 5 day retreat she is doing later in the year at Crockett Cottage Studio in Mansfield, Victoria.
When we studied dyeing last year in my course, I read India Flint's book and found some very interesting ideas in it. I had fun dyeing and could be doing some now, while the bark is falling off the trees. But it is hot and my setup is in the glasshouse, so that's not an enticing option at the moment.


iNdi@ said...

thank you very much for the kind mention...and if that glass house is too warm for you it's probably the perfect place to keep a batch of solar dye jars...

Mary said...

Thanks for the hint, India, I'll have to read up about it.