Friday, October 2, 2009

Using the dyed pieces

I am going to use some of the stuff I have dyed to make an item for my Experimental Textiles subject and perhaps in the Tapestry weaving I am doing for another class.
I am currently working on a textured piece of tapestry weaving and can incorporate some differently textured 'yarns' - some of them will be strips of silk. I may even try some of the silk threads I dyed although I don't have much of that.
I am finding tapestry weaving very slow and some days I am ok with that and other days I get terribly frustrated. I went away to Crockett Cottage Studio with a couple of friends recently and we worked on the different tasks we had for our classes. I worked almost exclusively on my tapestry.

I had a lovely time and we had fun together. It was great to be able to focus on your work while being with others who were also focused on theirs. It was also great to have them doing various other textile activities and experiments and see what their outcomes were.

They did some natural dyeing, lino cutting, mono-printing and drawing.
It was wonderful to have such a well set-up facility and so much space to work in.


parlance said...

Great detail in the photos.The place looks light and airy and conducive to artistic endeavour.

parlance said...

I followed the link across to the Crockett Cottage Studios and thought it looked good, but I couldn't see a photo of the interior, which I think is essential.

Mary said...

Thanks, I am practising my photography and am getting better, usually. It is hard to get true colours and it is often hard to see the subtle differences. However, I am reasonably happy with these.
Yes, it would be good to get more detail at the site but I suppose they have to think about how much to include in their site.