Thursday, October 8, 2009

Food Sculpture

While researching my assignment about hats I came across some interesting sites with amazing food sculptures. (Don't ask about how I got to these while researching hats.)
Some chocolate and dairy food ones, some fruit ones and some general food sculptures.
You might need to be a little bit patient with the first one, it has a lot of photos on it and takes time to upload them all.


theregatha said...

I absolutely love these images...just the inspiration I needed to get back to my "vessels". Do you think we could build an excursion around some of these for next years student adventures?

Mary said...

I'm not sure what you mean, going on an excursion. Where do you think we will see these sorts of things?

parlance said...

Mary, be imaginative! Think what a great world tour you could do if you visited the locations of all these lovely sculptures.

Mary said...

Sorry, wasn't thinking! Of course it would be a great excuse to travel. I wonder if we could claim it as a tax break, expanding our education.